Laundry service is among Unity’s core areas of activity. We do laundry for the armed forces and organizations of various countries. Our professional crews are specially trained in all aspects of laundry services. The most modern cleaning equipment and high quality, environmentally friendly cleaning products ensure the best results. Independent power supply, all required machinery, vehicles, and a proven inventory system form the foundation of our trouble-free laundry service, minimize loss and guarantees optimal hygiene. In our laundries trained personnel does your laundry and packages it in a way that will protect it from dust and dirt.

Laundry services encompass Washing, Drying, Dry cleaning and Iron/Press of:

  • Military Uniform
  • Bristol vest/Flak Jacket/Combat body armor
  • Garments (Shirt, Trouser/Pants, Jacket, Ladies suit, Skirt, Dressing Gown, Blouse, Necktie, Shalwar Kamees, Turban, and Sweater etc.)
  • Coats (Vest-Waist Coat, Rain Coat and Over Coat etc.)
  • Quilt, Quilt cover, Pillow, Sleeping bag, Bed linen, blanket
  • Hospital blankets

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