We are a team of highly qualified personnel that have an extensive history with supporting U.S. and International Government contracts. We understand the required up front planning and the foresight it takes to overcome many obstacles and challenges that can potentially set back a project or delivery schedule. That translates into thousands of beautiful homes and living communities, as well as, world-class business and commercial developments across the globe - all superb investment opportunities, which are fast reshaping the urban skyline.

Unity has a wide foot print of infrastructure and extensive history of past performance with providing life support, construction, IT and O&M services in countries such as Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, USA, Haiti, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Qatar, Bahrain, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, UK and UAE. 

Unity is holder of BPA, IDIQ and MATIQ contracts as prime contractor Afghanistan wide for BOS contracts, shower, latrine and laundry units and supply & maintenance of Non-Tacticle vehicles. 

We have completed and are currently supporting several Pre-engineered steel facilities as well as CMU facilities in the Southern regions of Afghanistan where we specialize in this type of construction. 

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