Clean surroundings make work and life easier, and make us feel comfortable. Hygiene plays a particularly important role in crisis areas. Without a working sewer system, waste management is important to maintain the cleanliness of your camp and prevent the spread of disease and infection. We are cleaning experts with many years of experience. Our professional crews are specially trained in all aspects of waste management services. The most modern equipment and high quality, environment friendly cleaning products ensure the best results. We dispose of your trash in a manner compliant with Western regulations. We also set the standards for sewage disposal.

In areas without plumbing, we provide you with the highest-quality mobile sanitation technology. As a supplier we offer you a large selection of over 5,000 Port-a-johns and septic tanks of different capacities ranging from 1,000 – 10,000 gallons, for all types of sewage. Depending on your cultural needs, we supply you with Western- or Eastern-style toilets. In either case, we use exclusively sturdy, long-lasting portable toilets from well-known and respected manufacturers. Further on we also take care of cleaning and disinfection, supply you with toilet tissue & soap, and provide a scheduled service to haul the sewage away in septic trucks on a regularly basis.

Waste management services include but are not limited to:

  • Black water removal
  • Gray water removal
  • Trash removal
  • Hospital cleaning
  • Water damage emergencies (plumbing leaks and plumbing bursts, flooded basements, severe weather storms, sewage backups etc.)

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