Unity Logistics & Supply Services is an International company with registered & licensed offices in Dubai, Kuwait, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, USA, Haiti, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Qatar, Bahrain and UK. Our company was established in 2003 and has successfully supported a broad spectrum of requirements for International and the U.S. Government. Our relationship with the U.S. Government has involved being one of the first security companies to cross the Iraq border in 2003 as well as operating on various FOB (Forward Operating Bases) to better support their requirements.

Our services include, but are not limited to force protection & security, supplies, vehicle lease & maintenance, waste management, water deliver, Hazmat & laundry services, manpower supply, warehouse operations, construction, project management, IT services, transport and logistics services and support services for U.S. Military workforce labors.

Over the past three years, Unity LSS has maintained a 98% rate of successful deliveries within our customers’ Required Delivery Dates (RDDs) for the supplies and materials ordered from us. Our successful experience is due to our meticulous planning and sourcing abilities, as well as our extensive fleet of trucks and the transportation capabilities of our air, land and sea partners to support each order. For every material and supply order, our staff always communicates order status with ordering officers, and understands that changes may be required for a variety of reasons of the Government’s choosing, or as result of changes in the operational environment.

Our Mission

At Unity Logistics & Supply Services, our mission is to support US Central Command (CENTCOM), US Africa Command (AFRICOM) and Special Operations Command (SOCOM) organizations by providing supplies, equipment, transportation and logistics services for contingency operations and construction projects since inception of the company. Unity LSS continuously strives to meet our customer’s exact delivery dates; to do so successfully, we have worked around the clock to overcome weather challenges, poor road networks in delivery areas, and hostile conditions that present challenges to delivering needed items quickly and conveniently.

Our Philosophy

Our workforce consists of a diverse background of multicultural individuals which hold a variety of educational degrees and certifications from around the world. We have solidified our team with numerous retired and separated U.S. Military personnel. These individuals hold key management positions throughout our organizational structure. We have supported the US military in Djibouti, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq, and have the people, processes, technology, and vendor relationships in place to provide turnkey solutions that go beyond the traditional supply and support model.

Why Choose Us?

Service has many meanings to many people but at Unity LSS it means doing the job right the first time and delivering beyond expectations.
Time is money and one call to Unity LSS can replace numerous calls and hours on the phone to other providers. We leverage our extensive network of service minded partners to give you the best service at the best price.
Capacity is the key to success in this day and age! Unity LSS has the capacity! This makes your job easier.
Experience makes a difference and our team of has the experience to foresee problems in advance. Proactive solutions prevent service failures and transit delays.
Tracking is done from the initial quote through to the delivery. Our team tracks and monitors each load and communicates any problems that may arise along the way.
Dedicated operations and customer service staff are assigned to each customer. This way you always know who to call if the need arises.
Responsibility is what we take on every customer load! We treat your freight as if it was our own and we do what it takes to deliver on-time, in good condition with no problems!

Our Customers